Tonmeister: International Applicants

The UK has been a centre of excellence in the audio industry since the advent of recorded sound. Major recording studios such as Abbey Road and Air Lyndhurst are famous for the recordings made there, of everything from the Beatles to many major Hollywood movie soundtracks. The BBC maintains the highest standards in all areas of audio programme-making, including news, documentaries and outside broadcasts of a range of sports and musical events such as the Wimbledon tennis championships and the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

The UK is also home to a wide range of audio equipment manufacturers who have pioneered new technologies and who lead the industry with their creativity and engineering excellence. In the area of professional audio, the likes of AMS-Neve, SSL and Focusrite continue to produce innovative and cutting edge equipment, whilst Meridian Audio, B&W and Linn provide high quality products for the high-end consumer market.

Nowadays many top musical artists and film production companies still decide to make their audio recordings in this part of the world due to the outstanding reputation of the recording studios in London and across the UK. If you are considering studying Music and Sound Recording, why not do it in the country with such good traditions?

Information about being an international student at Surrey can be found here.